Walther Arms Inc. has been a global leader in firearm manufacturing for over 130 years. Walther Arms Inc has been a leader in the sporting, defense and law enforcement sectors. They have a strong focus on ergonomically superior firearms with unsurpassed accuracy in defense scenarios. The Walther firearms catalog showcases their entire line of weaponry and provides a wealth information for gun enthusiasts. Waltheramericanarms has legendary Walther guns available for purchase online.

Walther firearms manufactures some of the most advanced and powerful weapons in the world for competition, self-defense, and duty. Our guns are also featured prominently in television and film, such as James Bond’s Walther PPK, which was Bond’s preferred pistol in films like Tomorrow Never Dies and Dr. No. Our lineup also includes the reliable Walther PDP, which is a duty-ready pistol that features an optics ready slide and SuperTerrain serrations. It also has an ergonomic grip to make it easy to acquire red dot sight targets. The PDP F-Series is a great option for shooters with smaller hands thanks to its shorter grip circumference, easy-to-rack slide and easier-to-use slide. The Walther P22, for rimfire enthusiasts, offers the best ergonomics and features needed to shoot target or hunt varmints. If you are looking for a handgun with uncompromising performance and innovative features that are not found on custom guns then visit us, your online Walther firearms shop.


The Walther pistols are a great choice if you’re looking for a firearm that is sculpted to fit your hand. Walther’s gunsmiths and engineers have over 130 years experience in firearm manufacturing. They are known for creating the best ergonomic handguns available. The Walther pistol has a unique trigger that is strikingly different from any other striker-fired polymer handgun. It features a grip that melts into your hand and a sculpted grip. Walther handguns outperform the rest in real-world shooting situations thanks to their ergonomic grip contours and interchangeable grip backstraps. You will find the perfect Walther handgun for your application with features like recoil-reducing Softcoil gas technology and hand fitting grip contours. Check out models such as Walther 1911, Walther CCP, Walther P22, Walther P99, Walther PDP, Walther PK380, Walther PPK, Walther PPK/S, Walther PPQ, Walther PPS, Walther Q5 Match, Walther WMP.

The compact Walther PDP compact optics-ready pistol is ideal for conceal carry and has the right round capacity and performance to be effective in self defense situations. The compact 9mm handgun features some of the most innovative features available in the industry. It has an optics ready slide with front- and rear SuperTerrain serrations that allow for positive manipulation in all conditions. An ergonomic grip design with a tetrahedron texture and a grip angle that allows for optimal red dot acquisition from the moment you grab the gun. The 15-round magazines provide unmatched capacity. The PDP Full Size pistol is a 4 inch pistol that offers a longer grip frame and concealability without compromising concealability. It also has the additional capacity of a Walther PDP18 round magazine.


Walther rifles are made with the same German engineering, precision and craftsmanship that have made them a firearms icon since their foundation over 130 years ago. Their small caliber arms are particularly well-known, such as the Umarex Walther rifle that shoots a.177 pellet, Walther UZI 22 rifle that shoots a.177 pellet and the replica Walther HK G36 22lr gun. These guns can be used for plinking and hunting small game. They are also a great way for kids to learn about shooting and to appreciate fine firearms. You can find new Walther firearms online at affordable prices. Shop for the WALTHER HAMMERLI TAC R1 and other amazing Walther Rifles.